About Us

The Founder

Firman Soebagyo is a member of the Indonesian parliament/vice Chairman of Commission IV DPPRI/Member no 224/Period 2009-2014. He is also one of the initiator of the sme-center and a strong supporter of the mandated Conference of the KTT G-15 nations convened in Indonesia in 2001 for the development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) within the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation framework.

Currently, Firman Soebagyo is working together with James The Tjoean, director of Internet Computer Technology Pty. Ltd. Australia (ICT-Australia) to develop SME-CENTERS network globally using the Business/Banking Application Systems (BAS) . One of the successful implementation of such network in Indonesia involved the cooperation of Kadin Indonesia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), PT Telkom with the technical support from ICT Australia. This initiative has subsequently been adopted by other Indonesian organizations, particularly the banking sectors which have major customers who are SMEs.

Firman Soebagyo has a strong commitment with respect to the development of SMEs by providing access to secure information technologies which are continuously developed and improved with the support from ICT-Australia.

ICT Australia has obtained trademarks and patents in both in Indonesia as well as globally for SME-CENTERS in conjunction with the associated technologies required for secure transactions essential for all SMEs.

The Team Members

Suwardi Saropie was one of the main supporters of the SME-CENTERS networking team within BRI, being the General Manager, Retail Banking Department of of Bank Rakyat Indonesia. The admistrator is currently trying to reorganize the Indonesian team once again to provide effective support for the local Indonesian SMEs