Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Asia OBJECTIVES


To be leading institution in Empowering and Developing the Small Medium Enterprises in Asia


  • Increasing the International marketing activities and promotion through sound strategy in entering the global market.
  • Establishing strategic alliances between SMEs and large companies or among SMEs
  • Searching the International and Domestic market through e­Commerce.
  • Establishing the secure system of payment and trade financing.
  • Barter and counter trade.
  • Consulting in formulating information system. Production technology and management .

Asian SMES' Goals

  • Establish a global market information network system interactively, easily, cheaply for the Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
  • Assist SMEs in improving their business capabilities in the global market by the application of Information Technology.
  • Provide assistances to the members in promotion, business consultations, transactions, post transactions, etc.

S M E Development Stages

  • Marketing Institution (Trading House)
  • International and Domestic Marketing
  • Export Regulation (Internal Trade Regulation)
  • Production Technology ( e.g. security using smartcard)
  • Procurement Need & Pricing Technique
  • Marketing HR Quality Improvement
  • Management
  • Multi Dimension Networking
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Capital raising

Definition of Asian SME-CENTER

SME-CENTER is a "virtual center"; is a node network and point of transit of that of local businesses toward regional business alliances via other nodes of G-15 Economies. SME-CENTER acts as "virtual infrastructure";

  • linking all the "center of excellence"
  • to be "Network of excellence";

As a point of transit, it will accommodate and adapt toward various differences of system on trade & investment liberalization as well as technology. It will be an integrated and open system with other providers.


  • Provide the operational activities and methodology in o marketing of the regional centers (franchising).
  • Provide advocacy and total solution to regional centers in servicing SMEs.
  • Establish a cooperation for market matching in the global market.
  • Establish cooperation and coordination with government, state enterprises, private enterprises, universities, and NGO at national level.
  • As an extension of the national SME in the implementation of guidance and the development of SME business.
  • Network Coordination and cooperation with the local government and private enterprises for market extension.
  • To provide guidance and business collaboration with local SME-CENTERS.


  • Is a node or a service center for SMEs, providing access to information, transaction, and business assistances.
  • Is the participation of the local business practitioner certified and facilitated by SMEs.
  • As for as possible to specialize in the service of superior/chosen commodities or to local industrial centers.


  • SME as a center of total solution for SMEs
  • "All-in-One e-business Solution" B-to-B Trading Application for the SME Community .
    Business Center
    Provide the location as the navigation point to access several components Business Sites. Trade Show Center, Business Meeting, Info Center Members have 'full access", Non-rnembers have "limited access”.
  • Business Sites Trade Show Center Sites of SMEs.
  • Virtual trade show.
    Company Profile, • Participants chouse -Promotions. their industry I community.
    • Product Catalogue.
      Business Meeting -Supply, derr and and services Info (link & Match).
    • Link to other webs.

    Info Center

    National, Regional, International, Commodity, Industry, Enterprises, Bank, - Finance, Event. Training. Regulations. etc.

    • Business Services
    • business & technology Advocacy
    • business document template
    • business plan preparation,

    As Trading House

    Export Import

    Market Information Center

    Where you can get market information

    Business Meeting

    • Where you can get order
    • Trade Show Center
    • Where you can find enterprises at Virtual Trade Show
    • Business Sites
    • Profile

    Summary Objectives

    To become the leading institution in empowering and developing the small and medium enterprises in Asia

    • Increasing the international market and promotion
    • Establishing strategic alliances Search international market
    • Establish the system of payment and trade financing
    • Deployment Plan