Content Management System

Content Management System comprises activities associated with the storage, maintenance, retrieval, editing and publishing of web pages, documents, files and online forms, from a data base. BRIngin activities are central to our business processes and are usually unique to our business.

Both intra-logic and extra-logic are a browser based solution allowing content management functions to be performed at any location via our web browser.

Central to our BAS solution is the easy-to-use and intuitive content authoring and approval facility. We utilize a template driven content management solution with a Microsoft Word style WYSIWYG editor allowing non-technical users with little training to easily create and manage content on their site.

MS Word button style WYSIWYG page editor provides both flexibility and simplicity for all of our content authoring needs.

We utilize a distributed security model which enables you to allocate content authoring roles to specific people within their own business units or communities of responsibility. We are empowering people with responsibility for authorizing information of interest to our own communities.