Form Management for SME

Form Management

Forms that employees need to complete. One example of this is the Employee Leave Form. In most organizations today, this is typically filled out on paper, delivered to a manager for approval then sent to the Human Resources department for sign-off and recording. During this process paper is physically handled, often resulting in a duplication of data entry. With our BAS solution, this entire process is automated.

We build an online form:

  • With our integrated form builder is used to create an online form requiring no technical skills
  • Our online form is approved and loaded onto your Intranet, Internet or Extranet site
  • Workflow is associated with the online form such as our approvals process

By submiting the form

  • Our employees simply fill out the form online and click the submit button
  • Form data is automatically captured in the database
  • Our approval process is automatically loaded

Approval process

  • Personnel responsible for review or approval for the form request are automatically notified
  • BAS Soltion maintains an audit of the approval process and notifies authorization staff members

Finally the approved form data is held in our database and can be accessed and exported into other formats