Knowledge Management for SME

Knowledge Management is the manner in which organizations create, capture and manage knowledge to achieve business objectives.

This facilitates Management within organisations. Our products allow you to quickly establish a corporate knowledge base by providing a web browser based interface.

We provide a unique knowledge cataloque and mining solution that allows access to information within communities or across your entire enterprise.

It also features an easy to use search facility with the combined power of database and full text document indexing.

These intelligent search features allow you to locate exactly what you want, immediately and with accuracy. You can search by free text, title, description, key words, author, owner, community, organisation unit and content category and many more.

Knowledge Management system allows your organisation to act more quickly and make accurate decisions based on real time information.

Capture – Our solutions capture the information and collective knowledge of your organisation.

Manage – Our solutions provide the tools to manage that information more easily and efficiently.

Access – Our solutions provide the means for staff, customers, suppliers and partners to access the collective information and knowledge within your organisation.